Child Sponsorship

For us, community plays a vital role in our everyday lives. The people at TMSC may not be blood relatives, but we are family. For example, if you see a child eating a piece of bread, you will find him sharing it with the friends surrounding him. We view sponsorship through a similar lens. When you support one child, you are really supporting all of our children.

That being said, we desperately need people to sponsor our children, more than 150 children need sponsors.  Meals, clothes, shoes, and books are just a few things sponsorship money will fund. These donations will also equip us to adequately pay our teachers and caretakers, who are essential to raising happy, healthy, successful children, who will one day be the adults that shape our world.


TMSC currently provides for more than 350 children on a daily basis mostly on food, clothing, healthcare and education

Sponsorship is a powerful tool for breaking poverty cycle in the lives of the needy. We simply cannot do what we do without the help of people like you. Through sponsoring a child, you will become part of Tumaini family and you will be leaving a mark that will never be forgotten, your name will be remembered every time your child talks about his/her life. Be part of this family! Share with friends, family members, churches, social pages or with anyone else that you think might be interested in sponsoring a child. Together, we can bring smiles and HOPE to a hopeless face!


How much does it cost to sponsor a child ?

The cost is only $38 per month and provides School supplies, school tuition, Uniforms, Clean water, food and family empowernment.

How long should my child sponsorship last?

As long as your child is under our care, your sponsorship continues. In most cases a child is committed to us for about 18 years and if he/she is 18 and above and still in college/university you can continue to support until he/she is through with education.  Otherwise, you are allowed to discontinue your sponsorship at any time.  In case your child leaves for any other opportunity you will be informed as soon as possible and another child can be replaced with your permission.

What happens to my child in case I discontinue my sponsorship?

Your child remains part of the Tumaini family and everything is taken care of. This is always the hardest part for Tumaini family but we understand sometimes circumstances may not allow to continue with what you love doing. We humbly request that you give us a notice to enable us find another sponsorship for your child. We also encourage our sponsors to share and help in finding a sponsor for the child otherwise you can discontinue your child sponsorship at any time.

Is a child entitled to one sponsor?

The answer is YES. It is in this regard that we encourage you to write to your child, pray and encourage your child as it means a lot to him.

Are there any experiences expected?

YES, you get new experiences such as:

  • Learning about different parts of the world
  • Discovering the cultural, political and economic realities your sponsored child faces
  • Experiencing true joy knowing that you are helping someone in need
Am I allowed to write to my child?

Sponsors are allowed to write to their children as often as they prefer. Encouragement letters, scriptures, pieces of advice and motivational letters are highly recommended. Sponsors may also send pictures of their family to their sponsored children. Every three months, you will receive a letter from the child, their academic progress and every year you will receive a picture of your child.

Am I allowed to send gifts to my child?

Sponsors are allowed to send their child a gift on holidays and birthdays or whenever it is appropriate. With the purchase of either animal (cow or goat), you will be helping the sponsored family. If your child does not have a family, Tumaini will take care of the animals which will benefit all the children.

Am I allowed to visit my child?

Sponsors can visit their children to see how they live, experience their culture and participate in Tumaini’s operations.

Tumaini is an organization focusing on the disadvantaged in the community and heartbeat is to change our community for a better future. Tumaini Miles of Smiles activities revolve around caring for the orphaned and vulnerable children, provision of quality education and skills, community empowerment, free medical programs and nurturing talents among the youths.

Sponsorship Program

Tumaini is a Swahili word for ‘HOPE’, Sponsor a child today and help break poverty cycle and bring hope to children, widows and families leaving a mark that will never be forgotten

The Soul Food Project

This campaign targets spiritual needs in addition to physical needs. Over 300 Bibles have been given to Tumaini students, staff and guadians and the community around.

Aspire Empower Connect

Poor people might not be able to achieve their capabilities but it does not mean that they do not have aspirations they wish to fulfil. Get involved with Tumaini and connect to empower. | +254 720 735 268 |