In 2006, we opened our doors and hearts to malava community. Ever since, several children have grown up, gone through collage and into independent adulthood.  We are proud of every single child that has gone through Tumaini School, their academic achievements have been tremendous and we feel blessed to have them in our lives.  Today we get to share the champions in our community, the class 8 candidates of 2019.

This is the eighth year since Tumaini miles of smiles school was accredited to take national exams. This year’s candidates have shown their impressive performance and hard work in their academic achievement. We celebrate their lead in the zonal mock that was done in 33 schools. Our top pupil had 410 marks out of 500. Our students took top positions in all the subjects. We are proud to have them.

Currently, education is a basic need. Thanks to your valuable contributions, we are able to give our children an opportunity to claim their right and grow into the people they want to become. We want to ensure our children have every opportunity and to do so we equip our school with high-quality education and send them to the best secondary schools.

Our sponsorship program and high school tuition fund were designed to offset the increasing cost in education and help ensure our children continue to receive the best education in secondary and through university. We will always aim to provide the best opportunity for our children. We have more than 150 children who need sponsorship. Sponsor a child at Tumaini and have an opportunity to make a difference.