Armedeus’ Testimony

To me, it has been a very big blessing because through the sponsorship I have been able to do my form four-level and today I am comfortable in Campus.

Generally Tumaini Children Home has been a source of inspiration to me. I have been able to discover myself and right now I can at least see and dream of a brighter and better tomorrow for me.

Let me say thank you Tumaini together with my sponsors because where my life is today I owe it to you.

Tumaini is an organization focusing on the disadvantaged in the community and heartbeat is to change our community for a better future. Tumaini Miles of Smiles activities revolve around caring for the orphaned and vulnerable children, provision of quality education and skills, community empowerment, free medical programs and nurturing talents among the youths.

Sponsorship Program

Tumaini is a Swahili word for ‘HOPE’, Sponsor a child today and help break poverty cycle and bring hope to children, widows and families leaving a mark that will never be forgotten

The Soul Food Project

This campaign targets spiritual needs in addition to physical needs. Over 300 Bibles have been given to Tumaini students, staff and guadians and the community around.

Aspire Empower Connect

Poor people might not be able to achieve their capabilities but it does not mean that they do not have aspirations they wish to fulfil. Get involved with Tumaini and connect to empower. | +254 720 735 268 |