We all know that Education is one way of ending extreme poverty in our societies. We have always gone the extra mile to provide quality education to children from poor families. One thing we do not know is what these children go through during their time in school. May I inform you that millions of impoverished girls in rural areas face days with no access to safe menstrual health solutions. These girls walk long distances every day to school and back. As we provide education and meals let us know that menstruation period is a big challenge for girls from poor families. These girls turn to unsanitary methods including newspapers, unhygienic rugs, and in some cases allow themselves to be exploited out of desperation for supplies. This challenge is hidden, people think it’s a shame to mention but it is one of the poverty impacts.

We find ourselves paying school fees but the girls have to stay at home, four to five days every month due to a lack of sanitary pads. These girls lose their self-esteem due to the shame that accompanies menstruation. This has also contributed to early pregnancy hence school dropout. According to many studies, the provision of safe menstrual health solutions directly decreases dropout rates for girls that have reached the age of menstruation.

More than 5000 girls from poor families join day secondary schools in Malava. We have always ended up with very few girls who manage to finish this journey. It is in this regard that Tumaini Miles of Smiles and Days for Girls Nairobi Zariel have stood up with girls in Day Secondary schools in the villages. Days for Girls pads are safe and lasts for three years. This will help the girls to stay in school and carry out their daily routines at school and home. These kits are made by widows, women from poor backgrounds and girls from the community.

Restoring Girls dignity campaign walk is scheduled in December. We are planning to cover 65 kilometers to campaign and raise funds for the poor girls. This year we are targeting 3000 girls in day Secondary schools. A kit will cost $15 and will last these girls three years of school. The good news is that when you buy this kit you are not only helping this girl to stay at school but you are feeding an orphan and you are empowering a widow. All the proceeds are helping to bring a lasting and positive change in the lives of the orphans, widows, and the poor.